#Veganuary: Have you taken the challenge?


For many, January is the perfect time to try something new, whether that’s taking on a new routine, hobby, or diet.

Since 2014, more and more of us have decided to adopt an entirely plant-based diet during the first month of the year, as part of the burgeoning Veganuary campaign.

In this month’s blog, we’re exploring tips and tricks for going vegan in January.


What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a non-profit organisation that encourages people across the globe to make a lifestyle change by taking up a vegan diet during January and possibly beyond.

It’s been nearly a decade since the first Veganuary took place back in 2014 when just 3,000 people chose to sign up, but in the years that have followed millions of people have taken up the challenge.

The rise in the campaign’s popularity is illustrated by the fact that last year, a record 629,351 people adopted an entirely plant-based diet and 83% of those participants decided to change their diets on a permanent basis.

Since its first campaign, Veganuary has certainly caught the attention of the public and played a significant role in changing the perception of veganism.

It’s also worked to promote the importance of sustainability in food production, which is a core part of our long-term strategy here at Meadow, through its animal welfare and carbon output reduction advocacy.



This year has seen a record number of people sign up to Veganuary, with one person every 2.4 seconds pledging to complete the challenge before the start of the month.

Among those signing up are celebrities such as After Life star Diane Morgan and singer Peter Andre, which highlights the campaign’s reach and place in the national consciousness.

The opening month of 2023 has also seen a flurry of new product releases such as meat-free nuggets and plant-based fish and chips, while pub and restaurant chains have launched their own Veganuary menus.

The NHS has also encouraged employees to take up the challenge and is sharing weekly recipe cards and meals on its NHS Supply Chain LinkedIn page.



plant-based yoghurt

Meadow’s plant-based range

The exponential growth in popularity of Veganuary has forced the food industry’s hand leading to a proliferation of plant-based and vegan-friendly products in recent years.

Back in January 2019, Greggs launched its infamous vegan sausage roll to much publicity but consumers were extremely receptive to it, so much so that it has since become a best-selling product. This is just one example of how large food companies have reacted to veganism’s shift from a peripheral lifestyle choice to a mainstream diet.

Indeed, during last year’s Veganuary, over the course of the campaign, more than 1540 new vegan products and menus were launched which further highlights the success of the movement.

Meanwhile, fast-food giants such as KFC and Burger King have stepped up their vegan provision and are offering discounts on plant-based products this month.

Here at Meadow, we understand the increasing consumer demand for alternatives to traditional dairy and meat produce and have invested £4 million into our segregated plant-based production facility at our flagship Chester site.

This is so that we can produce alternative plant-based milks, yogurts, custard, and the country’s only vegan sour cream.


tips for taking on veganuary


If you’re finding the prospect of adopting a plant-based diet all too daunting, then taking on the challenge with others can make it far more palatable and enjoyable.

Teaming up with colleagues is a great method for taking on Veganuary and it could be a brilliant way to get to know those you work with better.

Taking turns to cook plant-based meals or sharing recipes will make the challenge seem far less daunting and it can help to give you inspiration on days where you’re finding it a little difficult to come up with tasty vegan meals.


If you’re looking to adopt a vegan diet, there’s no need to put yourself under pressure by going all in immediately.

Simply start small and build your way up from there. A good way to begin your plant-based odyssey is by trying to eat one vegan meal a day before gradually working your way up to two and eventually three meals a day.

If you’d like to discover more about Meadow, and sample our ingredients, you can do so by contacting our customer service team. Or keep up to date on the latest industry and company news on our Twitter and LinkedIn.

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