fresh dairy

We have the UK’s largest fresh dairy ingredients facility supplying recipe-specific, cultured dairy products for manufacturers and food service providers.

fresh dairy ingredient

keeping it fresh

Our fresh ingredients have been developed specifically to meet the needs of our customers with functionality and consistency being at the forefront of what we produce. We work with speed and agility, processing raw materials for fresh ingredients within 48 hours of receipt (and some products processed, packed and delivered in less than 12 hours).

soft cheese

Soft cheese and set cultured products

We manufacture a full range of soft cheese and set cultured products including natural, bio, fromage frais and Greek-style yogurt, crème fraîche, sour cream and cultured buttermilk. These can be packed into bag-in-tray packages, slim pallecons or plastic pallecons, both with or without internal valves.

Our cultured products are used by food manufacturers in a wide range of finished products, including dips and sauces, soups, ready meals and ice cream. Our Customer Innovation Centre at Peterborough enables us to tailor both our fresh and cultured products to each customer, depending on what flavour and functionality they want to achieve with our products. Our soft cheese and cultured set products are also available in our Green Valley Dairy brand which has been specifically developed for the food service industry.

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cream and
cultured products


We offer single, whipping, double, stabilised and other speciality creams. All creams are available in bag-in-tray, slims, metal or plastic pallecons both with or without internal valves. Cream is also available in bulk tankers.


We offer fromage frais, natural yogurt, low fat yogurt, low fat bio yogurt and Greek-style yogurts. All our cultured products are available in bag-in-tray, slims, metal or plastic pallecons both with or without internal valves.

Full Fat and Low-fat Soft Cheese

Soft cheese, or cream cheese, is used in cheesecakes and other dessert recipes. We have tailored our process to ensure that our soft cheese delivers on Meadow customer needs: high quality, very easy to spread and with a rich smooth taste. The key technical expertise in our soft cheese manufacturing lies in temperature, PH control and preventing product separation (due to fat and water content), to ensure a smooth, creamy finish.


Mascarpone is an authentic, thick and creamy soft cheese that has multiple uses.

Crème Fraîche

Crème fraîche is a French-style, thick and deliciously creamy product – where cultures are used to give it the distinctive taste that sets it apart from sour cream. This process can last between 16 and 22 hours at a temperature that ranges from 12 to 23 degrees. Our crème fraîche is designed to be robust – making it perfect for dessert, dips and sauces.

Set Soured Cream

A fresh, thick cultured cream with a distinct and creamy lactic flavour, this popular quality dairy product is widely used in dips and sauces.