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Our ambition

Our ambition is to provide the lowest carbon footprint and the most sustainable dairy and non-dairy ingredients to the world’s best companies. As part of this, we offer our customers tailored sustainability reports that meets their requirements and aspirations wherever they are on their sustainability journey.

Why sustainability is so important to us

  • Right thing: We are committed to doing the right thing in our role as corporate citizens, environmentally, socially and economically.
  • Customer Priority: We share our customers’ commitment to a sustainable future and work together to achieve it.
  • Government Policy: We adhere to all UK policies and legislation on sustainability.
  • Win Win: By doing the right thing together with our customers, we can all benefit from reduced CO2 emissions and improved business performance.


We have set ourselves ambitious targets in each of our five ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) areas and a clear roadmap for achieving our goals on carbon, environment, supply chain, social and governance, in order to reach net zero at all of our sites by 2025.

Download our full ESG impact report to view our progress and for more information.



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Net zero

Across all operational sites


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50% Reduction

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Fully net zero

Our sustainability priorities

sustainable dairy farming
Carbon is the biggest challenge that we and our customers face and is our no.1 priority

We share our customers’ priority for a sustainable future and work together to achieve it.

Based on the carbon emission measurements for milk production from 2021, Meadow is 64% better than global average and 16% better than the UK average. Our target in carbon is for a further 10% reduction by 2025 in carbon emissions per litre. We aim to be fully net zero by 2050.

sustainable practices
Our responsibility for environmental sustainability

We are committed to preserving natural resources, and protecting global ecosystems to support health and wellbeing, now and in the future.

Our initiatives range from packaging and waste to water, farming practices and biodiversity, and engaging with suppliers on their Net Zero journeys.

supply chain
A resilient supply chain

A resilient supply chain is key to the future, with policies that benefit society and the environment to ensure resources continue to be available.

Our goals range from supply chain resilience, economic sustainability and weathering geopolitical uncertainty to responsible sourcing and animal welfare. Two of our targets are to have 100% certified responsibly sourced ingredients and a complete task force on climate-related financial disclosures by 2025.

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Governance underpins everything we do

Promoting a good life for all, now and far into the future and always acting lawfully are central to our sustainable future.

Driven by Meadow’s CEO and Board, our governance initiatives cover product safety and quality, human rights, health and wellbeing, gender diversity and equality, and social and economic inclusion.

Our commitment to social sustainability

We identify and manage business impacts, both positive and negative, on people.

In 2023, we launched our bespoke Farmer Engagement Programme to share best practice and opportunities for farmers to reduce carbon footprints. We are currently working towards all of our operational sites becoming EcoVardis or SEDEX 4-pillar certified. This year we will also launch our new Diversity & Inclusion Policy and Employee Wellbeing Programme.

Our sustainability policies

Animal Health and Welfare Policy

Meadow has a long-standing belief that a quality product comes from milk produced by well-managed, happy and healthy cows. Our Animal Health and Welfare Policy applies to all cattle under the care of our UK-based dedicated supply group of farmers.

Download Policy

Farm Sustainability Standards

This document outlines our key sustainability targets and demonstrates how they will be measured and reviewed alongside Red Tractor audits.

Download Policy

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