Seasonal Trends: Confectionery Products

Seasonal fun festivities are becoming more important in the UK calendar and it is essential for producers to take hold of their product timetable. The UK’s baking and confectionery scene is undergoing a transformation, just like those autumn leaves. From twists on a classic to sustainable choices, here are some top trends to keep an eye on this season.

Warming and Spice

We know the season for festive drinks and flavours has arrived when Starbucks releases its iconic red cups! Gingerbread, chestnut and cookie are just some of the new flavours we can expect to see in our drinks over the Christmas period.

Warm spices feel like a hug for the senses and that includes the iconic Christmas taste of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and cloves – these flavours appear in our favourite festive snacks and drinks. Meadow’s spiced rum sugar or Allspice Digestive Biscuit Crumb are likely to make an appearance at many Christmas buffets this year.

Comfort Food

As temperatures drop, people often crave hearty comfort foods. Classics like thick soups and pies: anything warm with a seasonal twist become a household staple. Our range of Meadow Fresh products including crème fraiche and set soured cream are perfect additions to soups either dolloped on top or swirled in for some extra creaminess. Our Meadow plant range enables producers to cater for multiple diary preferences.

The Rise of Functional Foods & Botanicals

One of the most exciting trends we’re seeing is the focus on functional foods and botanicals. Brands are exploring street food-inspired desserts and baked goods that go beyond the traditional “sweet & spicy” profile. A bonus trend to watch is the use of Yuzu, a citrus fruit from Asia that adds a unique flavour to baked goods!


Tis’ the season for indulgent inclusions, whether that’s honeycomb, dark chocolate cookie crumb or bucks fizz popping candy, Meadow Inclusions has the industry covered. Download Meadow’s winter and Christmas seasonal playbook here to learn more.

Seasonal Interactive Desserts

Enticing customers with winter inspired desserts that capture the spirit of the season is on the rise. Chocolate pies, caramel pastries, and spiced cakes with decorative toppings are always crowd-pleasing favourites and with Meadow confectionery, you will always stand out from the crowd. Toffee and caramel flavours are synonymous with this time of year and Meadow’s sweetened condensed milk is the cream of the crop (as is our chocolate crumb!)

But this time of year is all about staying in, keeping warm and doing activities with friends and family. Think pumpkin carving, baking cookies or making gingerbread people.


Whilst indulgence is associated with the colder seasons (eat, drink and be merry!), many consumers are also looking for healthier options. At Meadow, we offer a balance of full-fat and low (or no) fat options for lots of our products including milk, soft cheeses, and creams. Highlighting lighter options and catering to a health-conscious customer base is important for us.

What’s more, it’s berry and cherry season. Cherry, Chocolate Orange and more recently Brown Butter and Blonde Chocolate deliver special, indulgent flavours. For maximum indulgence, these are combined with the traditional brown flavours of chocolate, honeycomb, caramel and fudge. While the end result may not be ‘healthy’ at least you’ll be contributing towards one of your 5-a-day.

So, get ready to embrace the flavours of the season, and watch your sales rise as you offer these irresistible delights with the help of Meadow products. To view our full product range, you can download our brand-new seasonal playbook here. Seasonal playbook | Meadow (

And, to find out more about our products, visit our website and get in touch with our expert team today.

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