Bakery playbook

Our latest playbook reviews all things bakery, taking a deep dive into the latest trends and producing mouthwatering concepts to help inspire our customers.

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This summer’s ice cream trends

With summer in full swing (allegedly!), consumers are increasingly indulging in a cooling ice cream as they enjoy the intermittent appearances of sunshine. However, despite its place as a perennial summertime favourite,…

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Easter trends

This Easter’s Confectionery Trends

Easter is a wonderful time of year. Spring is in full swing, the days are longer, nature is in bloom and for those with a sweet tooth, it’s a time for enjoying…

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Putting the Sparkle Back Into Inclusions: Titanium Dioxide Free Lustre Inclusions Now Available

Christmas is just around the corner, and the good news for your consumers is that at Meadow Inclusions, we have a wide range of tasty and dazzling lustre inclusions for any festive…

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