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Jim is responsible for our milk procurement and logistics. He has worked in the dairy industry for 22 years and joined us in 2007. Since then, Jim has developed the producer milk pool from 150 farmers with 120 million litres to more than 650 farmers with 650 million litres.

Tel: 07919 118026


Our Story

Delivering quality food, every time

Using 25 years farming and food manufacture experience
to help our farmers grow, and help our customers thrive.

“Meadow Foods’ commitment to Cumbria gave us the opportunity to invest in new milking equipment, with the security of knowing that we would have a stable milk buyer.”

Lynsey Awde in Penrith

Wave Wave

litres of milk produced by our farmers between April and March

Straight from the meadow

Focus on: Chester

Here at Meadow Foods, we believe that we are where we are today because of our dedicated teams and innovative manufacturing processes. So, this year we’ll be doing a three-part series focusing on each of our three sites, kicking off with our head offices.


Investing In The Environment

Here at Meadow Foods, we are dedicated to doing all we can to help protect our planet and the environment. As a leading manufacturer in the North West, we believe that it’s our duty to give back to the countryside which is at the heart of our business.


#Yoghurt has been found to reduce the symptoms of chronic inflammation by preventing endotoxins from entering the blood stream: