This Easter’s Confectionery Trends

Easter trends

Easter is a wonderful time of year. Spring is in full swing, the days are longer, nature is in bloom and for those with a sweet tooth, it’s a time for enjoying the multitude of delicious treats.

However, no Easter sweet treat is complete without a sprinkling of toppings that will not only enhance the flavour and texture of the treats but also make them more visually exciting for consumers.

In this blog we explore how you can make your Easter products stand out based on current consumer trends.


Embrace familiarity 

Amid a tough economic climate, consumers are craving sweet treats that provide them with moments of comforting familiarity and transport them back to happier times.

Toppings that are rooted in comfort are set to really catch the eye of the consumer during the Easter period, particularly the bright and delectable citrus-based options that provide a moment of escapism.

The brilliant colours of citrus inclusions will help to inspire feelings of positivity among consumers, while the orange and lemon flavours are widely associated with summer and the happy memories the season tends to bring.

It’s no surprise that there’s been a significant growth in demand for citrus this Easter, with the fusion between its tangy taste and the sweetness of sweet bakes one of the most popular taste trends among consumers.

Meadow Inclusions has a wide range of citrus inclusions such as popular lemon meringue, a perfect addition to a wide variety of sweet treats from baking to frozen products.


Nostalgia… with a contemporary twist

Consumers often have a strong emotional connection to food products, particularly sweet treats, thanks to the positive memories that they evoke.

Food products that are associated with nostalgia are often simple, classic, and timeless, and may also be perceived as high-quality, authentic, and trustworthy.

These products are a way for people to reconnect with the past, to relive fond memories, or to share a part of their heritage with others.

This Easter, classic treats with a topping twist will be the way to consumers’ hearts, with category blurring sweet and salty ‘swalty’ a particularly popular flavour choice.

By combining these sweet and savoury toppings with classic sweet treats such as hot cross buns or flapjacks, you can add a modern twist to traditional favourites.

Meadow Inclusions’ salted fudge cubes, for example, will add a ‘swalty’ dimension to the much-loved brownie and provide consumers with an alternative sensory experience that merges two flavour categories in a gloriously delicious way.


Mini is magic!

Why are smaller incarnations of classic sweet treats catching the eye of the consumer?

One reason is that mini versions are so popular is simply down to the fact they’re more convenient than full-sized treats. Because they’re easier to share, smaller treats are a great option for events like parties where people want to enjoy something sweet but don’t want to commit to a full-sized dessert.

There’s also a novelty factor to mini versions of classic sweet food products. Smaller treats can be a fun and playful twist on a familiar favourite and consumers may be drawn to them simply because they’re a new and interesting take on something they already love.

Our mini pink and white marshmallows make for a marvellous match with popular smaller sweet treats such as Easter Rocky Road bites and will certainly help your product to stand out.


Indulgent experiences at easter

Why settle for ordinary when you can provide consumers with a truly indulgent, multisensory experience?

Products that appeal to multiple senses can provide consumers with a more interesting and dynamic eating experience and add to the overall enjoyment of the treat.

These sweet treats will offer a unique taste, texture and aroma and this is perfect for a consumer base that’s enthusiastic about trying new sensory experiences.

With a crunchy texture, dazzling aesthetics and delectable taste, our gold caramel chocolate range of inclusions can provide the perfect indulgent addition to an array of sweet treats and give consumers a taste adventure.


High quality toppings to help your Easter products stand out

At Meadow Inclusions, we have a vast array of inclusions  that meet the needs of our customers. Tell us the colour, size, flavour, and texture you require and whether you wish your seasonal inclusions to be barrier coated   and we will provide the solution.

With our specialist technologies in place, we’ll make sure that your inclusions remain stable, whatever the application.

If you would like to discover more about Meadow Inclusions, and sample our ingredients, you can do so by contacting our customer service team. Or keep up to date on the latest industry and company news on our LinkedIn.

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