The Secrets Behind Creating Successful Bakery Inclusions

bakery inclusions

Baking has come a long way since the days of toppings being limited to a cherry on the cake.

These days, there is an abundance of different inclusions available to add to whatever sweet treat and, in truth, it’s just as well because there is a real demand across the indulgence industry for a little something extra. At Meadow, with our acquired business Meadow Inclusions (formerly Nimbus Foods), we offer a whole host of toppings and inclusions that offer an extra level of diversity (be it in taste, texture, or visual appeal) to all sweet treats.

But what exactly makes a successful bakery inclusion, and what do we look to when developing new products?

Staying On Top(ping) Of Trends

We strive to ensure we are on top of all trends in the speciality ingredients market, and this extends to toppings and inclusions too. According to our research, combined with that of Innova Market Insights, 7 in 10 consumers seek unexpected taste sensations and new experiences when it comes to their food. Research suggests customers are increasingly able to recognise texture so there are few surprises.

So, what’s the secret to be learned here? It’s all about consistently innovating and being ahead of the curve when it comes to developing new lines – plus, not being afraid to try more different and daring options.

According to the same research, it’s Millennials and Gen Z who tend to be more curious when it comes to food and it’s unsurprising, therefore, that they are the most likely to be craving a new and unconventional taste.

We have made sure we are able to meet these palate demands and through our research we have learned what makes a topping work best. Texture plays a huge part in this, and we’ve found that simply including a hard crunch or a soft chew can enhance the consumers’ experience in different ways.

Catering To Diverse Diets 

Your audience is more complex than ever before. Manufacturers no longer can get away with producing a one-size fits all product, not with a growing number of dietary requirements such as vegan and vegetarian, alongside gluten and dairy free to consider. Are you catering to all of your possible consumers? Or are you restricting your possibilities by adding toppings to your deserts that don’t consider varying needs? It’s estimated that around 14% of people in the UK are following a meat-free diet, whilst 1 in 100 people have coeliac disease (needing a non-gluten containing diet (NGC)). Don’t forget about them.

Plant-Based Products

It was an unprecedented month for Veganuary 2022 as the so-called ‘plant revolution’ continued in earnest. According to new figures, more than 610,000 people switched to a plant-based diet for the month this year, the biggest number of participants ever. This is just one indication of the growing proportion of the population who are choosing to cut meat out of their diets, with a large number doing so for environmental reasons. Over the last three years the food industry has evolved quickly to keep up with these changes.

At Meadow, we are no stranger to these shifts, with over 40 inclusions from our range being vegan-friendly. From honeycomb to popping candy, our diverse options are appropriate for a number of sweet treats.

Gluten-Free Range

Eating an NGC diet is not as tricky as it once was. In fact, even celebrities are now promoting the lifestyle by choice. As ranges continue to expand, our New Product Development (NPD) team have worked hard to ensure we have extensive non-gluten options, with more than 60 of our products being ‘free from’.

Nut-Free Products

We take allergen control very seriously and at Meadow we have over 100 nut-free products in our range of inclusions. Nut allergies affect many of us in the UK and we’ve worked hard to ensure we produce safe, tasty products for all. One of the secrets behind creating successful bakery inclusions, is considering all avenues!

Offering Customisation

With Meadow Inclusions, we are able to provide a vast array of products and with such a wide range of inclusions, we can be infinitely flexible. This is very important in creating successful bakery inclusions – diversification is absolutely key.

Our clients let us know their colour, size, and flavour requirements, as well as the type of coating (you may opt for fat coating for perseveration purposes, or none at all), and we provide them with a solution. There are endless combinations you can create. Plus, our customers can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that our specialist technology will maintain quality within the product throughout, no matter the order.

Sustainable Products

Finally, at Meadow, we strive to ensure that we produce the best tasting products for our clients but ultimately, this must be done in an environmentally sustainable way. With planetary concerns now the number one global issue for consumers (source: Innova), one of the crucial things in creating successful inclusions for the indulgent industry, is ensuring your eco-credentials are strong.

Palm oil is included in 50% of supermarket products but it is having a devastating environmental impact and it is said that production led to 8% of the world’s deforestation between 1990 and 2008. We are continuously working with our NPD team to develop new inclusions that are more sustainable, including our palm-oil free range of toppings.

Some products also include Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil certification. The RSPO is an organisation that investigates and certificates food products to ensure that their production has not been environmentally-damaging.

If you would like to discover more about Meadow, and sample our ingredients, you can do so by contacting our customer service team. Or keep up to date on the latest industry and company news on our Twitter and LinkedIn.

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