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New Sustainability Co-ordinator at Meadow Foods

Nov 2018

New Sustainability Co-ordinator at Meadow Foods

As we work towards an even stronger focus on Sustainability in the coming months, we’re delighted to announce that Alun Lewis has been nominated as Group Environmental and Sustainability Co-ordinator. We caught up with Alun to find out about his new role and sustainability at Meadow Foods…

How long have you been working with Meadow Foods?

I’ve been with the company for 12 years, joining as a Dairy Operative. I then worked as an effluent plant manager and environmental manager, where I oversaw the construction of our Chester site’s effluent plant and worked as part of the team ensuring the company was ISO4001 accredited. Working closely at the Chester site to improve our environmental friendliness over the last few years, it’s great to have moved to this group role and work on our sustainability efforts across all three sites.


What will your new role entail?

Our customers are asking more questions about how our dairy products are produced and the processes our milk goes through from field to factory, so my new role will involve ensuring that Meadow Foods delivers on all sustainability policies. Across our three sites sustainability and environmental policy is at the forefront of all our future strategies, my role as Co-ordinator will be to ensure that this is all pulled together to give our customers the most in-depth view of what we do here.


Why is sustainability important?

It’s all about the future. If we can ensure the food that we eat and drink is ethically sourced and produced, it’s our responsibility to do this. For me, the most important aspect is ensuring we create a stable future for the next generation.


What does the future look like at Meadow Foods?

As well as coordinating and promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable processes across our three sites in Chester, Peterborough and Holme on Spalding Moor, sustainability also looks at our employees, the local community and suppliers. In the coming months we’ll be working closer with our farmer producers to encourage even more sustainable practices on farms as we look to improve our own practices and policies further in the factories.