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Investing In The Environment

Mar 2018

Investing In The Environment

Here at Meadow Foods, we are dedicated to doing all we can to help protect our planet and the environment. As a leading manufacturer in the North West, we believe that it’s our duty to give back to the countryside which is at the heart of our business. Which is why we have recently invested £2 million in a new effluent plant, to safely clean waste water on site and bring benefits through improved energy and time efficiency.

Did you know that our Chester site receives up to 1.5m litres of milk from farmers every day? This is processed on site to make bulk dairy products including cream, butter and concentrated skimmed milk – and as part of this process water is removed from the milk and ergo high volumes of water are generated. The water is polished and used for cleaning our plant prior to being be cleaned to be re-introduced back into the River Dee via the Balderton Brook.

This is where the effluent plant comes in. The new multi-million facilities ensure that all of the waste water created on site is effectively processed before it is fed into the UK’s water courses.  The completion of the upgraded plant means that we can proudly say that we now have the capacity to handle more than 2 million litres of waste water every single day from our milk processing.  And it doesn’t stop there: the nutrient-rich waste sediment is then in turn taken for use in farmland spreading – the ultimate countryside recycling!

The effective cleaning of waste water is of vital importance – according to EPA US, trillions of gallons of freshwater and saltwater bodies around the globe are polluted by waste water that has not been properly treated, affecting marine wildlife and the human population too.

The new plant is part of our programme of continual improvement across all of our sites and this is another example of how we are able to bring efficiency and cost savings to our operations. Working with farmers and the countryside, we know the importance of protecting the environment and these new facilities will allow us to be far more efficient with our waste bringing long term savings as well improvements to our social responsibility.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we do our bit to help the environment, you can learn more on legal page.