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Jun 2013

Chocolate Crumb – The Unsung Hero of British Chocolate

British Milk Chocolate is amongst the best in the world with a distinctive taste that differentiates it from the richer Belgian varieties or the versions found in the lunch boxes of our friends in the United States.


But what is it that makes our chocolate stand out?  One well known company suggested that it was due to the ‘glass and a half’ of milk that’s added to its products, while others claim it’s down to their ‘master chocolatiers’?  Those in the manufacturing of chocolate flavoured products know that it’s really down to a relatively unknown product called Chocolate Crumb.


So what is Chocolate Crumb?  Essentially, it’s a compound ingredient for making dairy milk chocolate as well as a range of chocolate flavoured products.  It’s made from a blend of Sugar, Dairy Milk and Cocoa Liquor which, when vacuum cooked, can be dried and milled to form a powdered ‘crumb’ product.  This crumb can be quickly and economically incorporated into the manufacturing process.


As with most food ingredients, it’s all about the flavour and Chocolate Crumb is no different.  The product has a unique caramelised flavour which develops through the ‘Maillard Reaction’ that occurs during the cooking process.  This flavour is characteristic of British Dairy Milk Chocolate, which is traditionally made from crumb, while the level of caramelised flavour in the milk chocolate can be varied according to the amount of crumb added which is typically between 15% and 60%.


The good news is that, as well as our standard 6.8% crumb, a 13% cocoa liquor crumb, is also available to allow for a stronger cocoa flavour and that chocolate crumb is not limited to just making milk chocolate.  The ingredient is also used to deliver a unique caramelised chocolate flavour to chocolate paste/spread, chocolate ice cream sauces, cakes and cake mixes, chocolate drinks and dairy desserts as a superior replacement to cocoa powder.  Last year Meadow Foods also acquired FLO – Certification which allows us to produce Fair Trade 13% cocoa liquor chocolate crumb for the use in Fair Trade Milk Chocolate.


Chocolate Crumb is clearly one of the unsung heroes in food manufacturing and a product that’s brought great pleasure to millions of people.  To request a sample, please contact us using our contact form.