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BBC Goes Inside the Meadow Foods Factory

Jan 2019

BBC Goes Inside the Meadow Foods Factory

Meadow Foods were proud to welcome the BBC crew from ‘Inside the Factory’ at our Chester site this month.


For those unfamiliar with the programme, it goes behind the scenes to show viewers how their favourite high street and supermarket food products are made. This episode, due to air in September of this year, looks at how croissants and brioche products are created.


Traditional French viennoiserie is famed for its use of one of our favourite products – butter. With the popularity of Keto diets and scientific studies finding that fat isn’t to be feared, butter is well and truly back in fashion – with the British public’s piqued interest, it was the perfect time for the BBC to teach viewers more about this dairy ingredient and all of its versatile uses in FMCG.


The film crew arrived on 10th January and came inside our flagship site in Chester to learn about how our farmer’s milk is turned into bulk butter. Churned from fresh cream, our butter can be produced in salted and unsalted versions, as well as AMF, butteroil and, most recently, Ghee.


The crew also visited one of our farmers, Hywel Roberts, in nearby North Wales. Bringing the production story right back to the start of the process, viewers will learn about the efforts made by our Meadow Foods farmers to ensure that they are producing the highest quality milk in a sustainable way.


High quality, value-added butter is essential for creating the iconic flaky pastry of the croissant. The process is all about layering, and the butter used must be pliable and workable even at a chilled temperature in order to achieve this. The rich flavour and tender flaky crumb of a brioche bread is achieved through its high butter, egg and milk content. Its distinctive flavour and is very much down to dairy, and its luxurious yet stable texture makes it an incredibly popular option for catering, foodservice and consumer choices for both sweet and savoury dishes.


So, keep your eyes peeled in the autumn for an official air date and for the show to appear on our social media channels; and if you’d like to learn more about our quality bulk butter products, get in touch with our sales team.