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Whipping Up the Perfect Cream

Feb 2018

Whipping Up the Perfect Cream

Cream: it’s a Great British staple. Whether poured fresh over a piping hot apple crumble or dolloped on top of a pile of ripe summer strawberries, it’s an incredibly versatile dairy product. However, it can be difficult to transport and store, so to maximise its potential and usability the product often performs best when stabilised.

To stabilise cream is to make it more workable, durable and reliable. When it is purchased by food manufacturing businesses, how that cream may ultimately be used will determine whether a stabilised and non-stabilised variety is required, with stabilisers principally being used to inhibit a its separation – where it loses water content after being whipped or worked.

Large food producers and retailers often need more than a couple of hours for their cream to remain stable. Trifles, filled pastries and cream topped cakes may be on display for hours and must remain looking appealing to the customer if they are to retain their price and appeal. These products benefit from using stabilised cream.

There are many different methods for stabilising cream to ensure it retains its firmer texture. Stabilising agents are carefully added to the cream in the production phase so that when it is delivered in bulk to a food manufacturing business, it can be easily incorporated in the end product.

Cream can also be made more stable by the method in which it is worked. Using the very best equipment in our BRC Grade AA facilities we carefully work the fresh product so that it can be transported to our food manufacturing customers for onward use. For example, by carefully managing the fat content we are able to produce a perfect whipped product that can hold its shape a little longer without weeping or separating.

Our Fresh Packed Creams are produced and packaged at our factory in Peterborough. The site has recently benefitted from a multi-million pound investment that has helped improve the efficiency and capacity of the cream plant so Meadow Foods is able to meet the demands for a wide range of Fresh Creams from 16% Cream to 48% Double Cream, which can all be sweetened and stabilised to meet customer demand.

Here at Meadow, we only do dairy and therefore understand the importance of cream longevity and durability for our customers. Contact a member of the team if you’d like to discuss your requirements.