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Nov 2016

What is Christmas without dairy?

Whether it’s leaving out a glass of cold milk for a thirsty Mr Claus, or sitting down with a glass of egg nog after you’ve prepped the turkey, there’s no denying that dairy plays a huge role in our Christmas festivities. But just how much?

In Britain, we love a sweet treat, especially at this time of year when we are preparing our winter bodies to add some extra warmth. However, you might be surprised to find out just how many of those festive treats require dairy.

Starting with those tubs and tins of Quality Street, Roses, Celebrations and Miniature Heroes that sit on our coffee tables; with the intention of scarcely being touched before Christmas Eve. If a glass and a half of milk goes into a small Cadbury’s chocolate bar, you can only begin to imagine how many gallons go into making the tubs of chocolates!

Dairy is also a base for an array of Christmas-inspired cocktails like Velvet Oubliette that requires not only single cream, but a luxurious cream cheese froth to top the decadent drink off. The ever-popular Ave Martini requires coffee-flavoured, ice cream to give the drink its distinctive flavour, or a glass of Fireside Delight that requires three whole cups of milk!

If cocktails aren’t your thing, you can be sure to find another great dairy drink to keep you warm this winter. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without the beloved hot chocolate; with its creamy-chocolate flavour and all the frills like cream and marshmallows – heavenly, and almost unattainable without dairy.

It isn’t just sweet treats that require dairy at Christmas, those hate-to-love Brussels sprouts really take off when they are creamed with double cream and chestnuts. For those who like to have roast potatoes and mash with their Christmas meal, is it even possible to obtain  tasty mash without using milk, butter or cream?

When it comes to the Christmas dessert, dairy still makes a strong appearance. Even if it’s just using milk to create creamy custard as a side for your dessert, the cream that gets piped onto the traditional Christmas trifle, or a dollop on top of your Christmas pudding (along with the creamy custard, of course).

When we’ve finally finished stuffing our faces after the main feast, (and after the mandatory post-meal nap) those tubs of chocolates, resting on the coffee table are soon opened-up again. Well, it is Christmas after all!

It’s evident that it is nearly impossible to avoid dairy at Christmas with all of the delicious foods it creates… but then again, why would you want to?