Farmer Portal

Jun 2016


It appears many of us are now adhering to the national trend and setting ourselves a daily target of walking ten thousand steps. Walking more is an easy way of being more active without trying too hard but ten thousand is a big number when used in any context and it appears to be a daunting goal for the majority of people.

For those of us in a desk job, chances are it’s a struggle to meet the recommended daily target without consciously making time to go for a walk. But if, on the other hand, your job requires a lot of moving about, you could find yourself doing well above the recommended amount.

Given that, as a society, we spend a significant portion of our waking hours sedentary it’s often difficult to motivate ourselves during a busy working day and take time out to move about. So in a bid to up those active minutes and motivate our employees at Meadow Foods we’ve signed up to the Global Corporate Challenge.

The aim of the game couldn’t be simpler, stand up, sit less and move more. Seven teams compiled of 133 employees have signed up to compete over 100 days alongside more than 45,000 teams from 1,500 companies across the world.

Those involved have been given a pedometer and are currently getting creative with ways to secure those extra steps each day such as setting up mini leagues and even a Triathlon challenge over the course of a week !

Taking the stairs rather than the lift will only get participants so far, more will be needed to rack up the mileage. Phone calls whilst wandering around the office, parking the greatest distance from the entrance, using the bathroom that’s furthest away, the list is endless.

There are numerous benefits to moving more at work such as improving focus and boosting creativity. These benefits also translate across into everyday life, with healthy active habits individuals are less prone to illness and are even expected to live longer. It seems taking part in the GCC Challenge is nothing but positive.

It’s hoped the challenge will encourage a change that goes beyond the 100 set days but, in the meantime, the challenge is on and we look forward to seeing the step count rise.