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The key to producing dairy products for the food industry

Oct 2018

The key to producing dairy products for the food industry

The dairy industry is thriving and competitive, but it takes a particular kind of company to produce the best dairy products for the food industry, products that will go on to be enjoyed by countless consumers. Here at Meadow Foods, we have spent 25 years perfecting our production techniques to ensure that we develop the highest quality ingredients. Below we explore just some of the key points that ensure we produce a great tasting product.

Accreditations & memberships

Compliance with relevant standards including food safety, ISO, Dairy Roadmap and many others, is vital to not only ensuring we have a benchmark standard for which our production must meet, but also in reassuring our customers that quality and traceability is of paramount importance.

Animal welfare

Our belief here at Meadow Foods is that a quality product is the result of a happy and healthy cow, and therefore we are dedicated to ensuring the welfare of all cows in our producer pool.

Partnerships with farmers

Throughout our history we have developed long-standing partnerships with over 650 farmers from across the UK. As demand for our products has grown, so has the number of farmers we work with. This has ultimately meant that Meadow Foods is now one of the largest milk purchasers in the UK, allowing us to offer a sustainable and achievable milk price that helps farmers to thrive in their industry.

Timely & reliable distribution

Of course, making the highest quality product means nothing if it doesn’t reach clients on time or within specification. Meadow Foods has three processing sites across the UK ensuring we always keep up with demand for our products and provide a consistently high service level to our customers.

Swift response to customer feedback

Listening to customer feedback is essential for great customer service and the continual improvement of any business but particularly for those in the food industry where quality is so important. Meadow Foods continually endeavours to respond and align our services with the feedback of our customers.

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