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Aug 2015

The Benefits of Butteroil

Changing views in nutrition are making butter one the greatest food comeback stories in history. It has now been deemed that the recommendation made back in 1983 to cut full fat dairy products in favour of low-fat alternatives was ‘premature’ and lacked any solid scientific evidence.

The initial advice saw British consumers not only cutting butter from their diet but other products such as cheese, red meats and cream, which all contain high saturated fats. However, since the advice has now been overturned, consumers are not only welcoming natural dairy fats back into their diets but food manufacturers are also welcoming the return of the tasty and versatile ingredient as part of a balanced diet.

One such product that’s seeing a growth in popularity is butteroil, a multipurpose and easy to use food manufacturing ingredient.

The butteroil or Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) is a concentrated butter made from fresh cream that is 99.8% pure butter fat with no additives and is made by simply removing the moisture and the non fat milk solids contained in butter.

The AMF can be made from butter or cream of different ages, however the butteroil’s salt content must not exceed 0.05% and fatty acids must not exceed 0.5%, offering food manufacturers a consistent and easy to use product.

The product can be found in liquid or a firmer form (butteroil begins to solidify at temperatures of less than 17.C), allowing it to be easy mixed and blended into food recipes and formulas. The fat-based dairy product can also be efficiently and economical transported and stored meaning it is popular with bakeries and food manufacturers alike.

The product is pale yellow in colour and has a clean, bland taste that’s free from the sour or bitter flavours sometimes associated with processed dairy products. As intense heat treatment is not used in the manufacturing process, butteroil lacks heated butter flavours allowing the product to be used without a strong influence on the taste of the end product.

The versatile product has a range of applications from cooking at high temperature, where it offers no splattering or burn-on during sautéing, to providing an increased puff for pastries or simply a greater aroma and flavour enhancement in bakery items. The purity of the product also allows for better control of fat bloom in chocolate to name just a few of its benefits.

At Meadow Foods we produce 12,000 tonnes a year each of bulk butter and AMF / butteroil from our flagship facility in Chester, which we supply across the UK, Europe and worldwide. With quantities available in bulk tankers to 12.5kg boxes, there’s little wonder that the benefits of butteroil are increasingly being recognised by the food manufacturing industry.