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Oct 2016



After a workout you will see gym-goers and runners alike reaching for a bottle of water or an energy drink to replenish their thirst after working up a sweat. However, research has shown that there is actually a better alternative to both these options and it’s none other than a pint of milk!

The research carried out by Professor Alice Roberts involved teaming up with the University of Birmingham (who volunteered to help out with the study) and monitoring which form of hydration was most effective after an intense work-out session.

Water, milk and a sports energy drink were all used in the study with milk coming up top trumps on the hydration scale due to the liquid helping the body retain fluid for longer.

The logic behind the post-work out pint of milk is that milk is very slowly released into the small intestine and is absorbed very gradually into the bloodstream. Milk also possesses a high amount of electrolytes like potassium and sodium which are commonly lost during exercise – especially vigorous exercise, providing just another reason why we should be reaching for an ice cold glass of milk after our work outs.

It was previously believed that milk is fatty and should be avoided for a healthy lifestyle but it now appears that this is not the case.  The University of Copenhagen has carried out a four-week programme to study what effect dairy has on weight gain and found that calcium in dairy food combines with fat to pass through the body without being absorbed.

Milk has also been a welcome ally when combined with powdered whey protein in the popular form of ‘protein shakes’ used amongst body builders and avid gym-goers. This is because protein is made of amino acids that help with growth and repair in the body after exercising.

As a good source of protein, drinking milk is also an easy way to deliver the protein when your muscles need it most, helping them grow and repair after a tough gym session.

So there we have it, milk doesn’t make you fat and could actually help contribute and assist to your active lifestyle.  Will you be reaching for glass of milk over a glass of water after your work-out? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!