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Apr 2017

Revealing the Secrets Behind Easter

Ah Easter – a time of family, feasting and, most importantly, that four-day weekend! Although always popular, Easter products have steadily been on the rise in the past few years, with some commentators saying that it is becoming the new Christmas! But rooted firmly into the memories of the majority of the nation when they think of this spring holiday is the old classic – the Easter Egg. Here, we reveal the secrets behind Easter and chocolate eggs, and reveal what makes them taste so good…


Easter Eggs are on the rise – last year, sales went up a whopping 12%


The first chocolate egg was made in the 19th Century, and some early eggs were completely solid (if only that tradition had continued, eh?)


Many believe that these festive treats take their shape as eggs, as a symbol of new life and resurrection


Easter is supposed to fall on the first Sunday after the full moon following March 21st


More than three-quarters of the nation prefer to start demolishing on their chocolate bunny by eating the ears first – sorry bunny…


The world’s tallest chocolate egg was taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant


Budding chocolatiers have created a chocolate egg that looks like a chocolate huge geode


Around 80 million eggs are sold in the UK every year – making up around 10% of Britain’s chocolate spending


Easter bunnies only became part of mainstream traditions in the 17th century


The biggest secret is what goes into our eggs to make them so delicious. Chocolate crumb is the magic ingredient which makes some eggs taste so good. A blend of sugar, milk and cocoa liquor, it gives our British chocolate its distinctive caramelised flavours. As the only independent manufacturer of chocolate crumb in the UK, our chocolate treats just would not be the same without chocolate crumb or Meadow Foods!


When we’re tucking into our delicious chocolate eggs on Easter morning (let’s be honest, we all eat them for breakfast!), we’ll be savouring the delicious taste which is all thanks to our chocolate crumb.