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Jan 2013

Producer Milk Price Increase

Meadow Foods to increase milk prices from Nov’08

Meadow Foods has confirmed it is to increase it producer milk price for both Meadow Foods Lakes and Meadow Cheshire milk fields from Nov’08 by 0.5ppl and 1.0ppl respectively. Head of Milk Procurement, Jim Bebb, said the company was delighted to be able to announce the increases, achieved against a very difficult background of falling dairy product prices throughout Europe and the rest of the world. At the same time the company was also acutely aware of the cost pressures at producer level, as well as its own. Nevertheless many consumers have their own pressures and are looking to buy their shopping more cheaply. As a result retailers are reacting to this by putting ever more pressure on the manufacturers the company supplies. But he assured that Meadow Foods would continue to press for fair prices, as many realise that in an under supplied milk market, if they do not pay a fair price then they will not get their dairy products from the UK.

With both increases being added as flat increases, the 1ppl being added to the flat production bonus in Cheshire and the 0.5ppl to the volume bonus in Cumbria, this takes the standard litre price—4%b/f & 3.3% prot. Bactoscans of 30,000/ml & SCC’s of 200,000/ml 1mltrs/yr on EODC—to 27ppl and 27.37ppl respectively (the latter including a 12mth rolling profile bonus of 0.57ppl).