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Feb 2017

Recipes for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

The big day’s coming up, but what to do? There’s so much pressure to choose the ‘perfect’ romantic restaurant, then you have to battle to try to make a dinner reservation that’s not at 4.30 in the afternoon or 10.30 at night! If this is sounding all too familiar, here at Meadow Foods we say why not keep it simple and intimate and stay in to cook this Valentine’s Day?


We’ve got the best recipes to create your ideal Valentine’s night in that’s sure to impress…


It’s a celebratory night, so it would seem wrong not to indulge in a little aperitif! With the weather still chilly outside, why not try your hand at one of these comforting creamy cocktails like the ‘Frosty’ with white crème de cacao and hazelnut liqueur, or perhaps the ‘Angels Delight’ mixing gin and Cointreau with single cream to recreate an adult version of the classic childhood favourite?


For a light and simple starter, try this recipe to make your own hazelnut flavoured butter to dip your griddled langoustines – trust us, it’s easier than you might think! If seafood isn’t you thing, you could simply replace the langoustines with slices of warm rye bread and serve alongside traditional antipasti such as prosciutto, salami and olives – the ideal pick and mix to suit everyone’s tastes.


Now, onto the main event – you want something that you can easily prepare so that you’re not slaving over several pots and pans when you should be spending time with your loved one. So why not make a dish that you can both indulge in together – the classic cheese fondue! This recipe from Emma Freud takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish, and has a little splash of white wine and kirsch to give it a really special feel. Once you’ve made your oozy pot of melted cheese all you have to do is serve with your favourite dipping foods. Don’t feel like you have to stick with the traditional baguette, this could be garlic flatbreads, sweet potato fries, new potatoes or raw vegetable sticks – the possibilities are endless.


But remember to save room for dessert! Check out Jamie Oliver’s great recipe for Baked Berries with Brandy & Mascarpone: all you have to do is mix your favourite berries with brandy, dollop on your mascarpone and finish off with sugar before cooking under the grill for five minutes. A dessert that’s light yet still indulgent, you could toast some sweet brioche to soak up all the delicious fruity juices at the end.


So there we have it, three courses of easy to make recipes filled with dairy goodness and perfect for sharing with your beloved partner on Valentine’s Day. If you’re thinking of trying your hand at any of these, be sure to share a picture of your creations with us on our twitter page!