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May 2017

Perfect Cheesecake Recipes For Summer

As the weather starts to get warmer, the thought of a hot sponge pudding with lashings of custard (delicious as it is) just doesn’t seem to quite fit right. Step away from the oven, the perfect dessert for Spring is the cheesecake! Cooling and creamy, cheesecakes are ideal for impressing your guests after a barbeque, or simply for indulging in yourself. We’ve rounded up our top picks of delicious recipes to suite everyone’s tastes.


Getting the Cheesecake Base Right

Of course, the perfect cheesecake has to start with a crumbly and buttery base. The most popular biscuit base is the original digestive biscuit base – but it doesn’t have to stop there. You could use chocolate digestives, ginger nuts, or even Oreo cookies for your base. And there’s no cheesecake without the key ingredient: cream cheese. This deliciously versatile ingredient is ideal for soaking up flavours, whilst giving a refreshing tang too. If you’re really feeling fancy, you can then top your cheesecake and decorate it like a cake with ingredients such as grated chocolate or fresh fruit.


Fruity Flavours

It’s a classic combination which has spanned centuries, and Peach Melba is still the best cheesecake flavour for those looking for something refreshingly fruity. This great recipe is so versatile – you can use fresh or tinned peaches, depending on what you can get your hands on. The raspberries and peaches are mixed into the creamy cheese filling and scattered top for a show stopping finish. Prefer your fruity desserts a little tarter? Check out this fantastic recipe for a lemon, lime and ginger cheesecake which uses crunchy ginger nut biscuits, stem ginger and fresh citrus fruits for a clean and fresh taste.


For chocolate lovers, why not try this ultra-rich chocolate cheesecake recipe, filled with dark chocolate on every single layer. If you’re looking for something a little less indulgent and more waistline-friendly, there’s a low-calorie version as well! These little cheesecake squares are great for kids, flavoured with white chocolate and Oreo cookies. Spiking your sweet with a little bit of complementary savoury is hugely popular at the moment – so why not try your hand at a peanut butter or salted caramel cheesecake?

Grown Up Treats

If it’s the grand finale to a grown-up dinner party that you’re searching for then look no further than these great boozy cheesecakes recipes! This spiked black forest gateau-inspired cheesecake brings together a dark chocolate digestive base with tinned cherries splashed with amaretto. Coffee addicts will love with this Tia Maria recipe, with its liqueur laced filling topped with homemade Tia Maria truffles for extra indulgence.


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