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Soft Cheese & Set Cultured Products

An extension to our wide range of products

Our range of soft cheese and set cultured products are a welcome addition to our large range of dairy products. This includes a full- and low-fat soft cheese as well as ‘set’ sour cream, crème fraîche and mascarpone.

Soft cheese – or to use its other name Cream cheese – is a hugely popular ingredient for Customers and Consumers alike. Soft cheese is used in cheesecakes and other dessert recipes, spread on bread, bagels and crackers, or used in dips and salads. 

We have tailored our process to ensure that our Soft Cheese delivers on the needs that our customers have told us about:  high quality, very easy to spread, with a rich smooth taste. The key technical expertise in Soft Cheese manufacturing is around temperature and PH control and preventing product separation (due to the fat and water content), to ensure a smooth creamy finish.

Our soft cheese and cultured products are manufactured in our Holme on Spalding Moor site in Yorkshire. They are available in 5kg and 10kg tubs and are also available through our Food Service brand, Green Valley Dairy, where they can be bought in smaller 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg units.

Full Fat & Low Fat Soft Cheese

Available in full- or low-fat variants, we offer a high-quality, versatile and easy-to-spread soft cheese with a rich, smooth taste.


An authentic, thick and creamy Italian style soft cheese with a high-fat content and distinctively bitter taste.

Crème Fraîche

A French style, thick and deliciously creamy product with half the fat of whipping cream, simply made from cream and bacterial culture. This popular and robust dairy product is great for desserts, sauces and dips.

Set Soured Cream

A fresh, thick cultured cream with a distinct and creamy lactic flavour, this popular quality dairy product is widely used in dips and sauces.

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