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Meadow Foods have a stable and diversified milk supply of over 650m litres of fully traceable British Farm Assured Milk. The scale of our supplier network enables us to guarantee milk volumes to customers all year round.

We have embedded a sophisticated logistics network to ensure that all transport costs are kept to a minimum and run a continuous improvement programme to ensure that manufacturing facilities are well invested and best in class

We are the partners of choice for milk supply contracts, with over 650m litres of UK milk, we are able to supply bulk tankers of milk, skim and concentrates across the UK.

Supply contracts can be tailored to fit customer requirements on milk quality, sustainability, delivery schedules and volume profiling.


Milk Balancing Contracts

Knowing that our bulk milk customers have a milk demand that is different to the profile of milk production in the UK,  we are able to ensure that those customers with their own direct farmer supply, have their milk supply and demand balanced throughout the year.

The balancing contracts that Meadow Foods offer ensure that customers are able to have a milk supply profile that minimises cost and maximises efficiency.

Meadow Foods have a supply network across the UK and can facilitate the most efficient solution to a customer’s milk requirements.


Skimmed Milk Concentrates

We produce a variety of Skimmed Milk Concentrates (SMC) manufactured through a sophisticated Reverse Osmosis (RO) process.  SMC is a cost-effective method of transporting and processing milk solids with the reverse osmosis process able to concentrate milk solids up to 35%.  SMC is used most often in the production of ice cream, yoghurt and skimmed milk powder.


Skimmed Milk Concentrate Blends

Meadow Foods are also able to offer specific concentrate blends that are manufactured to customer requirements.

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