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In 2018, we launched our first Young Meadow Foods Farmers Programme to give young people key business skills and dairy industry knowledge. The programme is due to run for two years and will cover a variety of topics.

Thursday 4th October will see the start of our Young Farmers programme to help give young people key business skills and dairy industry knowledge – and ensure we stay abreast of their ideas and thoughts as to how the Dairy industry is developing.

Our programme is targeted at Young Farmers aged between 20 and 35.  That said, we firmly agree that “age is just a mindset” so if you find yourself older or younger than this and feel you would benefit from the programme, we will also consider you!.

Our plan is to tailor our programme to Young Farmer’s needs.   From the feedback we have already had, this will initially focus on Milk Markets and Milk Pricing (AMPE etc);  Contract Management;  Cost Management;  and Sustainability.  We will tailor the programme as we get more feedback – including from the questions in the application form below.  The training will then be delivered via a number of Meadow Foods team members, customer site visits and factory visits.  As well as from external industry experts.

Beyond this, for all successful participants, we will also sponsor them to attend an on-the-job business or agricultural course of their choosing, should they wish. 

Applications are now closed

Thank you to all who applied, we are currently working with our first group and will be opening applications for a second group later in the year.