Farmer Portal


Preparing farmers for the future

The sustainability, resilience and efficiency of farms and their operations is becoming more important to customers. We help our farming partners to prepare for the future and improve profitability through sustainable practices.

Supporting our partners to build and run more sustainable farms is hugely important, not only to them, but for us too. By creating more efficient and resilient farms, we can help our partners deliver stronger farming businesses, which in turns helps us to build a more stable supply base for our business, as well as marketing opportunities for our customers.

We know the dairy sector better than anybody, so we know that it can be tough. That is why we want to be proactive, helping farmers to become more aware of sustainability issues and how they might impact on their operations.

Right now, our focus is on issues such as antibiotics and Johne’s disease. Beyond this, we’re also working on a comprehensive sustainability programme that we plan to launch later in 2018.