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Relationships are everything for dairy farmers

Elwyn’s family farm has a 250-cow herd of Holstein-Friesians, with half a dozen Jerseys it keeps for showing.

“We enjoy the farming life,” he says. “When it’s tough it’s a matter of getting your head down and getting through it, but like most dairy farmers we do it for the love of it.”

The third generation Welsh dairy farming family started supplying us in 2017 and have been making the most of a newly installed dairy unit.

For Elwyn, becoming one of our producers was all about having closer contact with his buyer. “It’s important to be able to talk to your supplier. Everyone has issues on the farm from time to time. Being able to phone somebody and having that relationship is very important for me.”

Staying in touch to understand the market

In business since his parents bought the family farm in 1960, Adam enjoys being one of our producer partners because we give him insight and advice based on our experience and understanding of what is happening in the dairy market.

“We catch up with either Jim or Debbie at Meadow at least once a quarter regarding what’s happening in the market or if there are any particular issues,” says Adam. “And they treat you like a human being.

“When circumstances change, the Meadow team are always understanding.”

Always learning and improving with Meadow

Peter and his team at the family-run partnership Lewis Brothers have been with us right from the start, producing milk for Meadow Foods for more than 20 years.

“The main challenge for dairy farming is the volatility of the milk price,” says Peter. “We’re not a factory that you can just turn ‘on’ or ‘off’; we’re dealing with animals.

A key improvement process that has been initiated at the farm as part of our partnership is facilities to individually test all of the cows – to pin point a problem, if appropriate, and to correct it. “This helps us to improve and keep learning at the same time.”