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Jan 2013

Meadow Farmer Newsletter September 2008

Meadow Foods Farmer Newsletter September 2008

An Offer of High Quality, Very Competitively Priced Heifers


Meadow Foods has negotiated a deal with a highly respected Dutch supplier with a proven track record.  The Company, Europon Livestock, led by Bram Van Dorp is offering in calf, Blue Tongue vaccinated heifers, due to calve in October, November and December at €1,620 delivered to the farm.  At today’s exchange rate of €1.25 to £1, this equates to £1,296 per heifer, which is a substantial discount to current UK prices.

Several of our producers have experience of dealing with Bram, indeed our Chairman, Simon Chantler bought over 1,000 heifers from him some years ago and was delighted with the quality, price and service he received.

If you are interested in this, please contact Bram directly, mentioning that you are a Meadow Foods supplier on 01295 678183 or 07812 107337.

Livestock finance is also available (subject to terms) from Gary Jones of Harvest Asset Finance who can be contacted on Mobile  07876 548132


Tank Bank


Meadow Foods is launching a scheme called “Tank Bank”. The scheme will be a database of producers who have milk tanks to sell due to upgrades of their existing tank. This list can then be matched against a list of producers who are looking for a second hand tank to increase their own capacity.

Therefore if you are in the market to either sell or buy a second hand milk tank and you would like to register on our database please give Jim Bebb a call on 07919 118026 with your details and requirements.


Plastic Recycling Discount


Farm XS, is a farm plastic recycling business and has been running for the last two and a half years.


In conjunction with Meadow Foods, Farm XS is pleased to offer a 10% reduction on subscription costs to all Meadow Foods producers.


Enclosed with this mail shot is a Farm XS brochure and a scheme membership form for you to complete if you are interested in taking up the scheme, please mark on your subscription form ‘Meadow Foods’.


Remember under the Farm Waste Regulations you have a duty to dispose of your farm waste in an approved manner and we particularly like the Farm XS scheme in that all waste is recycled rather than going to landfill as perhaps some of the other waste operators do.  This helps us with our customers show that not only are we being sustainable in our attitude towards recycling but also our farmer suppliers are which helps with our customers.

Farm Assurance Audit Changes & options for Beef & Sheep auditing


Meadow Foods has taken the decision to move all Farm Assurance to our own in-house auditors. The main reasons for this are to give a greater consistency of auditing, more support to producers and a more cost effective approach.


Added to this our auditors will now be able to offer you membership to one of the leading assured beef and lamb schemes, the Assured British Meat (ABM) scheme. ABM certification is a widely recognised scheme and forms part of an assured chain of supply that allows products to carry the Red Tractor logo.


The certification body is PAI and your audit will be carried out alongside your usual Dairy audit, which will give you savings in both time and cost.


The content of an ABM audit includes Animal traceability, welfare, health, nutrition, housing and holding facilities, transport, environmental care and farm procedures. ABM membership is offered to Meadow Foods producers at a reduced annual membership fee of £65.00 +VAT.

If you would like further information about the scheme, the current ABM standards contain a useful self assessment and a range of record templates to help you meet all the record keeping requirements of the standard. These are available on the ABM website along with access to electronic copies of required publications. Alternatively, please contact PAI on 01423 878878 to discuss any queries you might have.


If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Laura Teasdale on 07920 052686 or PAI before your next Dairy audit.

Get in touch with us through our contact page.