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Mascarpone Now Available at Meadow Foods

Jul 2018

Mascarpone Now Available at Meadow Foods

Here at Meadow Foods, we are delighted to announce that we are producing Mascarpone as part of our wide soft cheese range – and it’s now ready to order!

For the last two years, we have been producing a range of soft cheeses in our Holme on Spalding Moore factory with various fat contents, and the addition of Mascarpone is a great asset for businesses looking to add some continental flare to their offerings.

Mascarpone originates from Northern Italy, and was first created an incredible four centuries ago! A milky white, rindless cheese, it is a creamy spreadable product with a fresh taste made by carefully controlling the fat and cooling process. The higher fat content of Mascarpone gives it its indulgently buttery taste and thick texture – making it ideal for creamy dishes that need to hold their structure.

So what kind of dishes could benefit from the use of Mascarpone? One of the most popular culinary creations which comes to mind are creamy layered desserts, such as the classic Italian tiramisu. The firm and thick texture allows the Mascarpone to support the weight of the coffee soaked sponge, meaning it retains its shape – even after serving – for a more aesthetically pleasing look to tempt customers. This same principle can then be applied to other desserts such as trifle or cheesecake, increasing the visual life of products on shelves.

And it’s not just sweet dishes that can benefit from using Mascarpone. It’s texture also makes it ideal for adding creaminess to savoury dishes, without compromising its viscosity. From risottos to pasta dishes, adding mascarpone rather than cream or a low fat soft cheese adds the subtle rich flavour without overwhelming the other tastes or making the sauce too runny.

With summer right around the corner, customer demand for fresher dishes such as fruit-topped cheesecakes and creamy vegetables pastas will be on the increase. You can now place your orders for fresh Meadow Foods bulk Mascarpone today by getting in touch with our sales team.