Farmer Portal

May 2016


With the average UK resident drinking around 144 pints of milk per year there isn’t anything more traditional or normal for British households than including this super nutritious product in their daily diet. Whether it’s an item on a consumer’s weekly shopping list or a key ingredient for food manufacturers it is essential that it’s delivered at its absolute freshness.

Little more than a century ago the idea of keeping fresh food for more than a day or so would have seemed not just ludicrous but positively dangerous. As a known perishable product, milk soon sours so how is it that milk can make the voyage from dairy to door without a hint of a sourness?

Raw milk straight from the cow is approximately 37°C and at this temperature the possibility of souring is imminent as the bacteria count doubles every twenty minutes at body temperature. This is where the “cold chain” comes in and is immediately implemented to ensure maximum freshness.

Milk needs to be chilled to 4°C as quickly as possible. The faster this process the longer the shelf life. Once the cow has been milked the product travels through a series of pipes which rapidly reduce its temperature and in turn inhibit the growth of bacteria before it is stored in the bulk milk tank.

Once chilled to it’s ideal temperature the next stage in the process is transportation. Collection happens daily and specialist tankers are enlisted to collect and transport the product ensuring the temperature does not vary outside the optimum. Transportation time is also relatively short, in most cases less than a couple of hours. Once at its destination it is stored in refrigerated silos before processing.

The key process that allows milk to remain at it’s freshest is pasteurisation, where high temperatures kill off bacteria before once again the milk is cooled rapidly. Pasteurisation has proved itself to be one of the most important food-preservation technologies ever developed by greatly increasing the shelf life of packaged foods.

As market leader in the UK for packed creams and milks we process more than 550m litres of milk each year, transforming the ‘white stuff’ not only a range of high quality dairy ingredients for the food industry but also keeping it pure for those who require bulk milk or cream purchases.

With our own dedicated farmer supply of milk, we have a secure supply and are able to supply and pack a wide variety of milks, including Skimmed and Semi-Skimmed, Whole, Homogenised and Channel Island. These are available in 15kg or 25kg Bag-in-Tray, 500kg “Slim Pallecons” or 1T Pallecons.

As a dairy manufacturer we pride ourselves on executing this process perfectly for our customers to ensure that from cow to counter the freshness never falters.