Farmer Portal

Feb 2015


For years, people have claimed that ‘Health and Safety’s gone mad’ in the UK, supported by media stories reporting on some of the more weird and wonderful health and safety regulations.

With bizarre stories, such as the charity store banned from selling knitting needles through to a ban on tube drivers wearing woolly hats, it is hard to determine whether these stories are misunderstandings, fabrications of events or well-founded precautions.

Although the excesses of health and safety legislation can create great copy for the media, there is one fact that no one can deny. Due to the measures introduced, fewer people are injured or killed in the workplace than ever before. This isn’t due to a trend or by accident; it all comes down to putting the correct measures in place to keep a safe workplace.

Our own employees have sometimes questioned why we need certain risk assessments or method statements for relatively simple tasks. The answer is simple, that the consequences of getting it wrong could derail any business or worse still, cause injury or harm to an employee.

It’s not only health and safety processes that set businesses apart from the rest. Industry accreditations can also help manufacturers stand out through the products, processes and procedures they have in place.

To be the UK’s largest independent dairy company, supplying bulk dairy ingredients to the food industry, we seek to achieve the highest industry standards.

We currently have more than seven accreditations from key industry bodies; including the BRC Global Standard certified to Grade A standard and three ISO Certifications.

All of these accreditations help define us as each offers clear and concise guidance from traceability and authenticity in the supply chain right through to having the right management processes and procedures in place. Let’s also not forget that research from the IGD reveals that 52% of customers are more than likely to buy a product with the Red Tractor accreditation as it is widely regarded as a sign of quality and trust.

Health and Safety may not be the most exciting topic, but it is critical to get right. To this end we’re pleased to announce our Holme on Spalding Moor and Chester sites have both passed the internationally recognised OHSAS 18001 standard, with Peterborough due to be accredited in the first half of the year. A great team effort from all three of the manufacturing sites.