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Ghee: Butter’s Back in Fashion

Dec 2018

Ghee: Butter’s Back in Fashion

Ghee: the clarified butter that’s been gaining popularity over the years. Here at Meadow we’re delighted to now be producing Ghee right here on our Chester site following the investment this year. But what’s the big deal about Ghee?


Ghee was first created in India and is traditionally used in curry recipes around the world. It differs to butter in its cooking process, heated for longer in order for the moisture to evaporate leaving a product which is almost pure butterfat. This gives Ghee an incredibly rich, nutty and caramelly flavour which is incredibly versatile and low in lactose.


As well as a staple ingredient in biryanis and naan breads, Ghee is increasingly becoming a choice ingredient in bakeries. Not only does the use of Ghee allow the bakery sector to offer options for lactose intolerant customers, but it also gives a richer flavour to bakes and a deliciously tempting golden-brown colour to the finished products.


And it’s not just bakeries who can take advantage of Ghee – given its higher smoke point in comparison to butter and other cooking oils, it’s also perfect for slow-cook or high-heat catering. Caterers creating long oven roasted or quick stir fry dishes will benefit from using Ghee whose high smoke point will prevent other ingredients from burning.


Ghee is closely linked with the ancient Indian healing science of Ayurveda – the practice of maintaining health through paying close attention to the balance in a person’s life, including a healthy balanced diet. The healthy fats in Ghee have been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda cooking to help aid digestion and the body’s connective tissues.


But why are today’s modern end-user customers in the Western world converting to Ghee? As beneficial as high smoke points and richer colours are to food manufacturing companies and caterers, these are very much behind the scenes benefits! Ghee is becoming a popular consumer product due to its touted health benefits. Kourtney Kardashian claimed in a blog this year that she starts each day with a spoonful of heated Ghee, stating that the vitamins and fatty acids help to aid digestion and promote weight loss.


This claim from one of the world’s most famous families follows a trend which has been growing for years on the promotion of healthy fats. Compared to previous decades which saw zero- and low-fat options as the ideal choice for those seeking a healthy lifestyle, today there has been a complete turn and fats are no longer a substance to be feared. This, of course, does not apply to all fats, but there is a much wider awareness of ‘good’ and ‘healthy’ fats such as those found in nuts, avocados and dairy.


Ghee is looking to become one of the most sought-after food trends of 2019 – get in touch with our team to find out more about this popular new product.