Farmer Portal

Dec 2014


It’s amazing how quickly Christmas comes around again.  With seasonal adverts starting as early as August, the festive season just seems to get bigger and bigger each year.  Here at Meadow Foods work started on the Christmas rush back in the summer as we gear up our operations to cope with the huge demand for bulk dairy products over the holiday period.

Recent figures suggest that, on average, people consume around 8000 calories on Christmas Day alone. Needless to say, it isn’t just Christmas Day dinner where we indulge as we stock up on lavish mince pies, cakes, trifles as well as snacks and the accompanying dips. To try and illustrate the scale of production needed, it’s estimated that 300 million mince pies are purchased from UK supermarkets in the festive season as part of a £115 million nationwide spending spree on seasonal cakes.

Therefore, here at Meadow Foods, Christmas is perhaps our busiest time of year as customers need fresh dairy products for their trifles, cakes, creams, dips, sauces and multiple other indulgent Christmas treats.

Our three factories are working to maximum capacity, with the team at Peterborough producing a range of bulk fresh creams, crème fraise, yoghurts and soured cream, while the team in Holme focus on the sweeter goodies such as sweetened condensed milk and chocolate crumb that’s used for a range of chocolate products from coins to the chocolate coating of a Yuletide Log.

Let’s not also forget our biggest factory in Chester where we are processing millions of litres of milk and literally tonnes of butter for our customers to cleverly turn into the all-important brandy butter and other goodies that are needed for the big day.

You may well be wondering what happens after Christmas?  Well, cows continue to produce milk all year around and the 660 farms on our books continue to supply our factories with their quality milk 365 days of the year.  Our focus will shift a little towards lower fat products such as fromage frias and low fat yogurts to stay in keeping with post-Christmas diets and healthy eating New Year resolutions. Entering Spring, our attention moves towards our sweetened ingredients for the Easter period, whilst managing the uplift in milk as a result of the spring flush.

At Meadow Foods we remain dedicated to dairy, all year round, and love working with our farmers and customers to provide the very best dairy products whenever they’re needed.   After all, for us dairy is for life, not just for Christmas.