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Oct 2017

Condensed Milk – The Ingredient of Autumn

Here at Meadow Foods, we don’t just produce cream and butter – did you know we also offer condensed milk? As the nights are drawing in and the temperatures start to drop, we’ve been craving the sweet stuff more than ever…


Our sweetened bulk condensed milks are made by adding refined sugar to our milk, and then evaporate this mixture until it is up to 73% solids. The process is exactly the same for both standardised and skimmed milk, which means we can offer  full fat (8% fat) and skimmed (0.5% fat) versions in 13kg bag in box, 280kg drums, 1000kg pallecons and bulk tankers.  But once the sweetened condensed milk has been made, where does it go?


The most common use of our delicious condensed milk is by confectioners, who can use it to create a whole host of autumnal treats. Who can make it through the winter months without a slab of buttery fudge, a toffee dipped apple or a slice of banoffee pie thick with a caramel middle? None of these could be made without the vital main ingredient: sweetened condensed milk.


But that’s not the only delicious creation you can make using sweetened bulk condensed milk – have you considered using it to make special winter drinks? By combining our condensed milk and single cream with Irish whiskey and any of your customers’ favourite flavours (such as coffee, vanilla or chocolate), you can create your very own Irish cream, served over ice but always warming.


Looking for a new bitesize treat for your buyers to suit the season?  Snowballs are a retro classic looking for a comeback. Simply mix sweetened condensed milk with crushed digestive biscuits and cocoa powder until you have a workable paste to wrap around a marshmallow. The final step is to roll the parcels in desiccated coconut for the perfect teatime nibble!


If you’d like to know more about our sweetened condensed milk, get in touch with a member of our team.